Looking for the Dutch Academic Blogosphere

My main plan during my stay in Holland is to identify Dutch researchers that are using a blog as a tool and I hope that they will let me interview them. My searching has started and looking into a new slice of the blogosphere I would be happy to get help! I found this directory which I have started browsing:


Not knowing so much Dutch is making a bit harder, but I’m getting by with the combination of knowledge in Swedish, German and English and the blogs that I have found interesting until now seem to use mostly English.

If you have any tips fo me where to find the Dutch Academic Blogosphere I would appreciate all help I can get 🙂 It is interesting that I suddenly understand that my knowledge about the Swedish blogosphere is quite large, I know where to go, what tools there are etc. Here I have to lean on more general tools like Technorati and the mentioned blogcatalog above.


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