CYSWIK Pre Valentines Reception at VKS


Yesterday it was a Pre Valentines reception at VKS (that is the reason for pink balloons) with an exhibition where I presented a poster, and there was of course also a number of interesting talks (programme). I liked the idea from Architects of Interaction where they had created a book which should work as a toolbox when you work with interactive work methods:

One other talk from one of my collegues Charles at VKS, was about joining Quantum Physics and the ideas of Otlet and Knowledge Organisation. He is exploring these ideas together with Richard Smiraglia and maybe Richard will write more about their “idea collider” in his blog eventually:

Yet another talk was from an artist, Esther Polak, who described how she as an artist used GPS to make peoples everyday life visible.
It was all done under the umbrella or label CYSWIK (Can You See What I Know?). Here artists and researchers are joining together and I think it is a great way to start a discussion about the visualisation of knowledge:



  1. I had a presentation the day before at the VKS research seminar and there I got a lot of good comments and questions.

    In the poster session I think people where busy reconnecting 🙂 since that was also of course one part of the idea, to make people meet after the first work shop event at PICNIC last year. However I ´m very pleased with the outcome of the poster which Clifford (Tatum who did some of the arrangements of the event) help me realise, so I will put that up in the blog later. I hope you can comment it then?

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