Visualising widgets

I have been thinking of how you can visualise different data after attending CYSWIK Pre Valentines seminar. Recently I read about dopplr at Jilltxt. Dopplr is a tool for sharing information about your travels.

Dopplr Visualisation of Obamas travles

Dopplr Visualisation of Obamas travles

One way of visualising the travels over time is what is shown in the image of Obamas travels during 2008. A kind of Annual report represented by images (including a carbon footprint).

Another visualising tool that I stumbled upon last week is the Media Cloud from Berkman centre where they started to develop a tool for visualising media flows:

An older similar visualisation tool that I have used before is Blog pulse. Here you can look at trends of issues appearing in blogs or conversations developed between the blogs:

In digg they use the data and show it in several different ways to display how “popular” a certain web page or image is in the sense how many persons have “digged” it. Look for example on the stack or swarm here:

The visualisations are still a bit hard to understand at first, e.g. it’s not that the images make you immediately understand dopplr if you haven’t came across it before. However, it is fascinating and I will continue to look for these kind of applications and see if I can find more examples.


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