Month: January 2010

Ny blogg för ABM-mastern i Lund

Äntligen har vår blogg för masterutbildningen i ABM (arkivvetenskap, biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap och museologi) gått live. Den heter Otlet och varför vi valde det namnet kanske ni kan förstå om ni läser om denna intressanta person på bloggen. Bloggen kommer innehålla både nyheter från utbildningen men också om ABM-relaterade saker och vad som händer i biblioteks- arkiv- och museivärlden. Förhoppningsvis kommer den att vara intressant såväl för de som funderar på att läsa utbildningen i Lund, de som redan är studenter här och de som är verksamma inom de olika yrkeskategorierna som vi utbildar till.

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Blogging academics as part of labour politics

I recently read an article by Melissa Gregg and have been thinking of her approach on academic blogging. The title is Banal Bohemia: Blogging from the Ivory Tower Hot-Desk and she discusses how PhD students and junior faculty bloggers differs in the way they uses blogs from senior academics. Her point of departure is subcultural theory, which I never heard about before I read this, and it’s interesting to see a similar idea like mine as the starting point for her discussion. That is, it is similar in the sense that blogging practices is situated in other cultural practices. For Gregg that means that the blogging academics she has studied uses the blogs as a way to handle the pressure that they feel in their work as academics. The blog community forms a place, a subculture, for the blogging researchers were they can discuss the changing conditions in an institutionalised academia which have changed for the worse. Gregg says “blogs offer parables of these wider shifts, a suite of ideological narratives for explaining and understanding what is happening”. Even if I can see Gregg’s point I haven’t at all seen that kind of discourse in the blogs that I have studied. Some (most?) of the blogs in Gregg’s study are anonymous and I have myself specifically chosen blogs were you can identify the person behind it. Maybe that is the big difference? However, I find the notion of blogs as “an embryonic site for labour politics” intriguing.

Lund University and blogging

A new sub site is added to the Lund University web presence, it includes the blogs that are written by researchers, students or others at Lund University. You will find a link from the top page of the university’s web site to the “Focus on Lund University” site. Here blogs and facebook groups as well as RSS for news are collected. My blog is of course in the list ☺ even though I am a bit slow on updating it…however to be more frequent is one of the promises for the new year.