…in no particular order

  • Co-organiser Round table – Open Access & Open Data för Open Science… men i vems intresse och på vilka villkor?, SFIS Syd and Svensk biblioteksförening, Regionförening Skåne, together with Jutta Haider, 24 May 2016.
  • Chair – Mötesplats Open Access (MOA), Stockholm 26-27 April 2016.
  • Co-organiser workshop, Exploring New Big Science: Challenges and New Directions, Lund 24 September 2015.
  • Co-organiser Round table, Rundabordssamtal om framtidens sökning, Lund 15 December 2014.
  • Co-organiser symposium, Is Google Enough – A discussion on what is beyond, behind and after ‘don’t be evil, Lund 18 March 2014.
  • Co-organiser, The 3rd U21 Digital Humanities Workshop at Lund University, Lund, Sweden, September 19 – 21, 2012.
  • Member of the Programme committee for ASIS&T European Workshop, June 5-6, 2013, Åbo/Turku, Finland
  • Member of the International Scientific Committee for ISSOME 2011: Information Science and Social Media – International Conference. August 24-26th 2011, Åbo/Turku, Finland.
  • Guest doctoral student visiting professor Sanna Talja at Department of Information Studies, University of Tampere, Finland in April 2008
  • Guest doctoral student at Napier University, Visiting Professor Elisabeth Davenport, Edinburgh Oct-Nov 2006
  • Interview in NordForsk Magasin about the Nordic Research School in Library and Information Sceince, December 2006:
  • Interview about scholarly blogging in “Impuls”, “Välkommen in i forskarvärlden”, no 3, p 21, 2007:
  • Co-organizer/lecturer at NORSLIS Ph.D. Conference, Uppsala, 21-22 October 2005