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Sundin, O., Haider, J., Andersson, C., Carlsson, H., & Kjellberg, S. (2017). The search-ification of everyday life and the mundane-ification of search. Journal of Documentation, 73(2), 224-243. DOI: 10.1108/JD-06-2016-0081

Kjellberg, S., Haider, J., & Sundin, O. (2016). Researchers’ use of social network sites: a scoping review. Library & Information Science Research, 38(3), 224-234. DOI: 10.1016/j.lisr.2016.08.008

Haider, J. & Kjellberg, S. (2016). Data in the making : Temporal aspects in the construction of research data. In Rekers, J. V. & Sandell, K. (Ed.) New big science in focus : Perspectives on ESS and MAX IV (Vol 8., pp. 143-163), Lund Studies in Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lunds universitet.
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Kjellberg, S. (2014). Researchers’ Blogging Practices in Two Epistemic Cultures: The Scholarly Blog as a Situated Genre. Human IT, 12 (3), 36-77.
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Wiklund, G. , Voog, H & Kjellberg, S. (2014). It´s all about keeping quiet – using focus group interviews to understand the everyday life of researchers in order to support their research. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries, QQML, 1, 253-261.
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